porcelain sheets, porcelain artefacts decorated by unglazed decals


This “museum“ installation works with ceramics as a medium used for reconstruction of various historical events. Based on segments left from a certain period, we create stories fitting in the logical flow of things. This project also explores boarders of our own personal memory and our ability to creatively and selectively remember and make up tales we are willing to uncover, so the picture of ourselves would fit our wishes and needs. Using photographs from my family archives, which I combine with drawings of romanticised landscapes, I create poetic sceneries of dreamed-of places and stories from my childhood. I chose romantic landscapes because their sceneries are largely fabricated, but parts of real landscapes have also been assembled into compositions following aesthetic rules of the era. I follow this theme of made up landscapes and put real life people into non-existent environment according to my needs. Photo collages are used for two kinds of objects.

The first ones are porcelain panels, which make up 11 stoppings. The second kind is delimited by the walls of display cases of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague , and among them one can find ceramic artefacts, glass paperweights, metal jewellery and wooden toys. These objects are meant for everyday use, most of them we however only know from our grandmothers' households as artefacts or things only used very occasionally. Photographs utilized for this group of objects are also made-up moments of happiness, small stops in the flow of everyday life. All the photographs I chose are traditional family scenes appearing in everyone's photo album – parents and children, grandparents and children, a family trip, sunbathing at the lake... I imagine it being rather difficult to read only my story in this and not imagine your own one.